Real Passion. Pure Cycling.

with over 50 years of knowledge


it’s behind everything we do.

We share your motivation; to never give up, to push through, to push forward. We understand the grit and determination that it takes to make it to the top of your chosen discipline. The investment is more than financial, it’s time, effort, sacrifice; and with that in mind, why leave the equipment to chance.


Kiri Athlete Programme

Nurturing the Future Peloton


KCT Athlete Programme.

The Kiri Athlete Programme has been designed to help nurture the next crop of peloton stars. Working with riders across the United Kingdom, the support includes the providing of equipment during a season, whilst aiding in the development of the Kiri equipment along the way.


Veloce Cycling Team

The Works Kiri Cycling Team

Veloce Logo.png

Kiri Cycle Technology / Veloce Cycling Team.

a technical partnership that shares the same ambitions and objectives. to grow together and be the best we can possibly be. to push our boundaries.