Super Record/EPS Bottle and Cage

Super Record/EPS Bottle and Cage


A super lightweight monocoque carbon fibre cage that clearly demonstrates the level of excellence achieved by Campagnolo in the field of composites.

The cage is the result of exceptional work in terms of both the design and the material, weighing just 18 grams and offering optimal bottle grip. The patented retention system has a deliberate difference of a few degrees between the support axis and the collar means that when the bottle is inserted, the collar serves as thrust spring that holds the bottle in the ideal position.

Cage Features:

Cage Material: Monocoque Carbon Fibre

Attractive design with a distinctive race style

Patented retention system

Cage Weight: 18g

Bottle Features:

Leakproof cap-membrane technology

Easy to grip bottle with ergonomic shape

Dishwasher safe

BPA Free.

Bottle Capacity: 550ml

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