Record 11x Cassettes

Record 11x Cassettes

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Warning: EPS Groupsets will not work with 11/29 ratio cassettes. Use 12/29 instead.

In competition every little detail counts; that's why steel and titanium were used when producing Record sprockets.

The perfect teeth design results in a perfect synchronization between shifting and chain movement.

The six larger sprockets are divided in triplets, which are mounted on special frames to increase rigidity.

Technical Specifications:

  • 8 steel sprockets

  • 3 titanium sprockets

  • nickel-chromed finish for steel sprockets

  • light alloy carrier

  • light alloy supports for the final two triplets

  • 11x timing

  • 11x tooth machining

  • 11x light alloy lockring

  • Thread 27 x 1

  • Weight 201g

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