Zero100 RHM Bars

Zero100 RHM Bars


The Zero100 Handlebars are just about the most reliable and classic handlebars out on the market today. Made to the same tried and tested RHM shape as their top end Alanera bar, it ensures comfort, and speed of movement, whether you’re on the drops or on the flats.

The RHM shape is a design that has weathered the ages, and will do so for a long time to come. It features a very shallow drop, which is especially designed for riders with a high out of saddle position. A compact reach makes it perfect for modern brake/gear controls. The patented multi-position Continuous Incremental Radius design overcomes the limitations of the anatomical shapes, which has just one position.

Tech Specs

  • Shape: RHM (Rapid Hand Movement)

  • Material: Triple Butted Alloy 7075

  • Handlebar Dia: 31.7mm

  • Reach: 75mm

  • Drop: 130mm

  • Weight: 248g (42cm)

  • Finish: Black On Black (BoB), Black Anodised

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